Episode 189

Published on:

4th Oct 2021

189. Wrestling Depression - Dr. Donald Mondragon

We cover:

* Can humility be a superpower

* The perfect storm of depression

* How to talk with your family about depression

And much more

Donald G. “Skip” Mondragon, MD has practiced Internal Medicine, adult medicine, for over thirty years. Colonel Mondragon is a twenty-six-year Army veteran, spent thirty months in combat zones, and is a National Veterans Wrestling Champion.

During his last year in the Army, Skip became a casualty of depression. As he recovered, he was called to help men struggling with this dark disease by speaking and writing. His book Wrestling Depression Is Not for Wimps! was published in February 2020.

Skip’s true claim to fame are his five independent and gainfully employed children, his four amazing grandchildren, and especially his wife Sherry. She’s a tough Army wife who endured raising teenagers on her own, a variety of moves to new duty stations, and far too many of his idiosyncrasies for over thirty-nine years of marriage.

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