Episode 65

Published on:

24th Jun 2020

65. Redefining Wealth - Seth Streeter

We cover:

* The Value of a Penny

* Tapping into the Wisdom of Your 90 Year Old Self

* Being Open to Living the Life You Really Want

And much more...

Seth Streeter is CEO and founder of Mission Wealth, a leading wealth management company that specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services for high net worth individuals across the country.

A thought-leader in the area of conscious financial planning, Seth helps people reframe their perspective of wealth beyond just the financial so that they can enjoy more balanced, impactful, and fulfilled lives. Seth was recognized by Real Leaders Magazine in 2015 as one of the Top 100 Visionary Leaders who strive to create a better world, due to his work in conscious finance.

Seth’s experience in finance and the pursuit of well-being has caused him to become a sought-after speaker. In 2016, Seth was asked to speak on the TEDx Stage to share his powerful message on Redefining Wealth, and in 2017, he was chosen to speak and facilitate at the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Global Leadership Conference. His 2018 Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life four day International YPO event won the ‘Most Impactful Learning Event of the Year’ globally.

Seth’s passion is working with YPO Chapters, forums and members to help them develop and ignite a meaningful 3.0 vision for life and success. He is the Chair of the Inspired Living Sub-Network of the YPO Health & Wellness Network. Seth is a founding member, Officer and Board member of the YPO Pacific One regional chapter.

As the founder of the nonprofit SustainableFuture.org in 2017, Seth is growing a community unifying platform to empower positive daily actions in the areas of sustainability, volunteerism and wellness. Campaigns utilizing the platform have been launched by businesses, nonprofits, schools, universities and churches.

Seth resides in Santa Barbara, CA with his two teenage children. He enjoys travel, connecting with fascinating people, continuous learning and a constant pursuit of finding the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.

Stay connected with Seth:

Website: www.sethstreeter.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sethstreeter/

Mission Wealth: www.missionwealth.com

Nonprofit: www.sustainablefuture.org

TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHNhNjNwGVY

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