Episode 185

Published on:

13th Sep 2021

185. Divine Phoenix Rising - Julie Paulston

We cover:

* Where shame lives

* Moving from pain into purpose

* The importance of giving yourself grace

And much more

Julie Paulston is a transformational life coach who brings humor, passion and compassion, in her journey to help women rise from the ashes of their lives to rediscover their Divine inner phoenix.

Having over 30 years in recovery, she brings multiple personal experiences and strategies to rediscover who you were before the world told you who you should be. The last year has been pivotal in her journey to rediscovering her own purpose and her passion to serve others.

She is a contributing author for Women’s Wealth and Wellness Network and has appeared on Ladies of Light with Melanie Kolton and Ask the Expert with Leticia Johnson.

She has her own podcast called Be the Phoenix of Your Own Life where no subject is off the table.

She is a proud mom of 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren. She resides in Pensacola Florida and loves nothing more than chasing the sunrise over the Gulf and sharing her experience, strength and hope with others.

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